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Forest Hills Security Alarm Permits Tip

A security alarm permit is required if you have a security alarm that is audible and/or monitored to provide police response. The annual permit fee is $50 for a residence. Questions: Special Collections Customer Service (214) 670-3438.  Permit application:  Security Alarm Permit  

A permitted alarm site is allowed three free false burglar alarms in a twelve-month period. The 4th, 5th and 6th false burglar alarms are $50, 7th and 8th false burglar alarms are $75 while the 9th+ are $100 each. All Panic/Hold-up false alarms for a residence are $100. 

Fire/Medical Alarm Registration

The City of Dallas requires that Fire/Medical alarms be registered with the Dallas Fire Department after the first false Fire/Medical alarm is initiated at an alarm site. Registration Fee is $10. An alarm service fee is charged of $50 for resident for each false fire alarm notification in excess of one per month. A service fee of $100 is charged for each false medical alarm in excess of one per year. For information on registration and waiver of false alarm calls, contact the Dallas Fire Department at (214) 670-4514. For information on billing, contact the Special Collection Division at (214) 670-3438, Monday through Friday, between 8:15 A.M. and 5:15 P.M. Security Alarm Information

Check With Your Security Alarm Company

Be sure to contact your security company to learn what their procedures are regarding alarm permits and if they have records showing you have a current city alarm permit.

Many times they do not have records that you have applied for a permit.  Some security companies require that you send a copy of your permit to them. 

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