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Forest Hills Security Protect Your Bicycle from Theft

Along with beautiful Texas weather and increased outdoor recreation, there has been a recent uptick in the number of bicycles being stolen. A few tips to help prevent bicycle theft: 

1. When on the go and you must leave your bicycle unattended, secure it to a fixed object. A lamppost, tree or permanently mounted bicycle racks are ideal.
2. When selecting an area to secure your bicycle, try and pick an area that is open and populated, not hidden and secluded.  A thief doesn’t want to cut the lock off of an unattended bicycle in an open, populated area with a lot of witnesses around.
3. Make sure you have permission of the property owner if you secure your bicycle to private property.
4. Use a cable (or chain) and lock designed to be resistant to cutting. Sporting goods stores and bicycle stores carry cables, chains and locks designed especially for securing bicycles.
5. Record the make, color, style and serial number of your bicycle and keep at least two copies of this information: one copy at home and one copy with you when you ride.  If your bike is stolen, you will be able to provide the officer taking your report with this information.  You might also consider taking a picture of your bicycle.  A lot of stolen bicycles (as well as other property) are never reunited with the owner because this information is not provided to police, and they don’t know to whom property belongs.
6. Consider participating in Operation ID. For more information, contact The Northeast Division of Dallas Police Department at 214-670-4415.

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