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Children's Network Program


The Forest Hills Children Network (FHCN) program has been part of Forest Hills Neighborhood Association since 2001.  The purpose of the program is two-fold.  Helping kids meet one another due to the diversity of school offerings and aiding parents in making contact with children the same age as their own.  Play dates are for preschoolers is one of the many functions of FHCN and FHCN maintains a list of babysitters. Contact Amanda Johnson fhchildrensnet@aol.com.

One goal of the FHCN is to publish a directory of neighborhood children every two years and provide it to parents with children in our neighborhood.  We need your help to make this current. 

Please take the time to download the FHCN Sign-up Sheet and return the information to a board member or email your information to either of the above contacts. 

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